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We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

I hold you in my heart,
you who are all companions with me in grace.

Philippians 1:7

Dear Friend of Centering Prayer: 

Within Contemplative Outreach, whenever we gather as a group, we begin with Centering Prayer first and then on to the task at hand. Silence offers a doorway to discernment, forgiveness, compassion, wisdom and love that was unknown before the commitment to daily practice. Over time Centering Prayer unfolds to become a way of life.

Let us continue to journey together in this work of peace, the work of the transformation of the heart of world. Your gift will help ensure that other hearts and minds will be transformed and this work will continue to heal the far reaches of the earth.

With a heart filled with gratitude, love and blessing,
Mary Anne Best
Director of Finance and Development

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